20 Dead in Karoo Minibus Crash

il y a 11 années, 10 mois - 15 Novembre 2011, south african press association
20 Dead in Karoo Minibus Crash
Western Cape authorities have confirmed that 20 people, two of them children, have died in a collision involving two minibuses and a truck in the Karoo.

All were declared dead on the scene; eight injured passengers were taken to a local hospital. The road was closed.

A trailer being towed by a minibus and a truck collided on the N1 between Leeu-Gamka and Prince Albert Road at about 1am on November 15, 2011, Captain Malcolm Pojie said. The minibus overturned when it was rammed from behind by another minibus.

Pojie said: "The main cause of the accident is not clear. Police are still working on the scene. It seems all the people killed were in the minibuses."

A culpable homicide docket has been opened.