4-years-old girl takes parents for a drive

il y a 12 années - 2 Septembre 2011
4-years-old girl takes parents for a drive
China - Authorities are looking for couple who posted a clip of their four-year old daughter driving on a public road.

The ability to drive is a life skill everybody should - and some even believe the earlier the better, though some parents take that concept a little too far. How it seems a Chinese couple has followed suit by allowing their toddler drive a car.

Where were her parents? Well, mom was in the passenger seat and the dad was coaching from behind.

In a two-minute video clip uploaded to YouTube the four-year-old girl, named Jia Zheng, is seen driving at speed and even overtaking vehicles.

At one stage during the clip, the girl is seen queuing behind another vehicle for traffic lights in the wrong lane. Fortunately she managed to manoeuvre the vehicle, admittedly quite deftly, into a neighbouring lane.

Eventually the father takes over saying, "Jia Zheng, stop the car. Let daddy drive."

How was she able to reach the pedals? The video shows the parent's had extensions fitted so their daughter's tiny legs could reach them.

Chinese authorities said there was little they could do. Police spokesman Li Xiaobin said that if caught they could only educate the parents and if an accident occured ask the parents to compensate other parties involved.

"Kids absolutely are not allowed to drive. However, as for drivers under 14, we can't give them tickets," Xiaobin explained.

There's a sweet moment at the end when the little girl goes back to being, well, a little girl... just before dad drives off, with only one hand on the steering wheel.