5 Epic Russian Car Crash Survival Clips

il y a 10 ans, 6 mois - 28 Novembre 2012, Carbuzz
5 Epic Russian Car Crash Survival Clips
Russian drivers are pros at surviving horrific car crashes. (Of course, in these cases, they also cause them, but let's focus on the positive.)

Anyone who has ever seen a Russian dash cam video knows just how dangerous driving in Russia can be. Russian drivers effectively gamble their lives every time they get into the car. While many drivers are killed every year on Russian roads, quite a few walk away from accidents unscathed, much like a boss would. Thanks to the aforementioned dash cams, some of these incredible escapes will live forever on the internet. Head below to see some of the closest calls ever caught on Russian roads.

This guy is one of the world's luckiest Lada owners. His car gets absolutely destroyed by a big rig, yet he seems no worse for wear as a result.


The truck driver in this video is lucky to be alive. The driver of the other truck should never have made such a reckless turn, but that still doesn't explain why the second driver (the boss) wasn't wearing his seatbelt. Also, are airbags not a thing in Russia?


This clip is unique in that the person surviving the crash (like a boss) isn't actually driving. Not even the sidewalk is safe in Russia.


There is so much win in this video it's almost hard to keep track of. First, a guy somehow manages to survive being the meat in a car crash sandwich. Second, the crash is positioned perfectly so as to not blow up the entire gas station. Win.


What's the best way to exit a car after it rolls several times? If you said "casually," then you're correct.