ABC Motors Director, "If Nissan Leaf Fails, Maurice Will Miss its Projection as Green Island"

il y a 10 ans, 10 mois - 18 Juillet 2012, The Défi Media Group
ABC Motors Director, "If Nissan Leaf Fails, Maurice Will Miss its Projection as Green Island"
The first electric car officially introduced in Mauritius in February is struggling to find a place on the market.

Six months later, the dealer of Nissan LEAF, ABC Motors, is still found to branch off in all directions, often in the opposite lobbies stubborn to try to convince governments of the benefits of 100% green car. 

Dean Ah Chuen does not hide his incomprehension and even some frustration in the face of glaring contradictions between the official discourse on sustainable development and political action. 

In terms of market penetration, since the launch, surprisingly, ABC Motors is not managed to sell any copy of the Nissan Leaf, because the long-awaited tax rebate is unfortunately still pending. "Right now, it's a failure down the line," he says. 

"We thought that our leaders, led by the MID, would exploit this opportunity to project the image of Mauritius Island resolutely green. It is unfortunate that some custodians of public power do not share the same vision as us, "he adds. Can we, again, expect a tax break in Mauritius? Authorities say on the floor always file for more than six months, to determine whether electric cars should be exempt from tax. 

The automotive industry: History 

Automobile industry has reached a historic turning point, given the challenges it faces in terms of energy. It contributes to 12% in CO2 emissions and alone consumes 25% of global oil demand. It is therefore evident that the electric and hybrid technologies are the solutions of the future. Electrical energy is therefore required to encourage the emergence of a new "race" of vehicles that offer holistic benefits of respect for the environment. 

Dean Ah Chuen cites Singapore and Malaysia as examples. Through the formula TIDES Plus (Enhanced Transportation Technology Innovation and Development Scheme) developed by the Energy Market Authority and the Land Transport Authority, Singapore has granted over the last two years, exemption from customs duty (100% for private companies and 60% for individuals) on hybrid and electric vehicles. This exemption was extended to another year. 

"Here, so far, not only there are no tax incentives for hybrid and electric vehicles, but electric cars, zero-emission vehicle par excellence, n ' is not affected by the carbon tax! We have a carbon tax that encourages fossil fuel vehicles (gasoline and diesel) to emit less CO2, but that completely ignores the zero-emission electric vehicles! Figure it, "says he. 

The new models 

Nissan Almera, a new class of family car, will be launched soon. It should be very popular with users looking for a spacious family car, but not too expensive and with Japanese technology. Moreover, New Urvan replaces the previous model, with a new more powerful engine and more economical. In 2013, there will be the replacement for the Tiida and, later in the year, a new Sylphy will enter. The new Giulietta with automatic sequential gearbox is expected this month. The pick-up of China JMC brand is a good market penetration, reaching figures of 15 per month, which is very encouraging. 


"The global automotive market is doing relatively well, with growth of 7 %, but this growth comes mainly from China, where manufacturers deploy great efforts and significant resources to improve their market share globally. Moreover, the tsunami in Japan and floods in Thailand in 2011 have slowed the sales of Japanese brands have benefited and Korean. But I think, by the end of 2012, the balance is expected to recover again in favour of "Made in Japan". 

Segments covered 

With the current taxation favouring only the Co2 gas, it does change to a ' dieselisation 'fleet of Mauritius. "We have redesigned our range of offers and soon most of the models we will be importing diesel engines. It's a shame, because I do not think this will really solve the real pollution that affects the citizens in the country. But we can not be more royalist than the king: if the new law dictates the 'oiled for cars, ABC Automotive will sell cars traveling at' oiled. It's that simple, "he says. 

Mauritius car market

There has been a growth in new vehicles and a bias towards two segments: the entry level and upscale. Chastened by the 2008-2009 crisis, which caused serious problems of overcapacity, manufacturers now prefer to produce less than demand dictate. This implies, for "end users" a certain waiting time after ordering. Gone are the days where you could buy a car immediately available. Nissan is no longer the leading brands in Mauritius. ABC Motors could he reverse the Korean? "For 16 years, we are told the same thing! I know my team, in whom I have total confidence. We used to always finish strong in second half. You see, we'll be there in December. As I am a lover of football, let us not forget also the famous 'Fergie time'. I do not criticize my opponents. Waiting for the results at the end of the year to see if Nissan has managed to reverse the trend or not Korean, "says Dean Ah Chuen. 

The new Porsche Centre 

The new complex, covering an area of 4000 m2, the center will house Porsche Mauritius. It will be built according to strict standards of the Stuttgart firm. It will also house a service center that can accommodate fifty vehicles and a gallery which will be exhibited all brands marketed by ABC Automotive. "We are launching next month the new 911 and Boxster. Porsche will remain an exclusive brand for a very selective clientele - we are not there to compete with BMW or Mercedes. "