Accident Plaine-Champagne: failed brakes caused 51 serious injuries

il y a 12 ans, 1 mois - 14 Avril 2011
Accident Plaine-Champagne: failed brakes caused 51 serious injuries
par Le Matinal
“Mo senti mo frein ine vin ross et vu qui pa ti ena controleur, mo pan dir ban passagers narien pour pa créer la panique”, said Davish Aubeeluck, the driver of a bus of the NTC, which was involved in an accident Plaine-Champagne on Wednesday.

An excursion ended with a crash Wednesday afternoon at Plaine-Champagne, which injured 51, including the driver of the bus. The vehicle of the National Transportation headed straight for a hedge of bamboo before finishing his run in a gully, up the Domaine Saint Denis, Plaine-Champagne, since the brakes were not working. Passengers including the elderly and women were injured. "We narrowly escaped a drama," we said a passenger.

Sixty-five picnickers, all members of an association of Bon Accueil, Le Morne went after Gathered guava China Plaine-Champagne and the Black River Gorges.

The driver tried somehow to avoid a tragedy. He sought to find a place where he could stop the bus, with least damage possible. As the bus continued its wild ride, he was directed to a gutter along the road.

Its path the vehicle struck a palm which slowed its speed. The bus ended his race in a ravine a few yards away. The driver was thrown off the bus. He was injured but he manages to get up to help the wounded out of the car. “Ban dimune dans le parage ine vini, mais zot ine zis geter et ine téléphone la police et l’ambulance. Mo pa ti kav debouter”

Alerted fire-fighters, members of the EMS and police in Black River went to the scene. The wounded were transported to Princess Margaret Hospital Orthopaedic Center (CIP) to Candos by the SAMU ambulance, while some were taken to hospital Yves Cantin and that of Rose-Belle, where they received first care before being transferred to hospital PMOC. Davish Aubeeluck suffered fractures to his ribs and numerous scrapes. He was admitted to hospital PMOC.

After a few hours, the bus accident was discharged from the accident site and towed to the police station in Black River. The experts will conduct a forensic examination of the vehicle.

The police investigation is being conducted by police in Black River.

Unlike the standards of the National Transport Authority (NTA), there was no conductor in the bus with which accident happened. Despite the fact that the vehicle had a fairly long journey to cover, with on board more than 50 passengers, including infants and the elderly, the driver was alone. Usually the receiver is acting as an assistant driver on the road. He tells the driver some benchmarks in order to better move and avoid risky situations.

A few weeks ago, a company bus on the route Riviere du Rempart / Rose-Hill, via Saint-Pierre, lost a universal joint on the way and caused the death of a motorist.