Accidents in Brief

il y a 11 années, 2 mois - 27 Juin 2012, The Défi Media Group
Accidents in Brief
Fatal accident;A bus from the CNT found burned.

Fatal accident

The road has claimed another victim in Bois-Chéri, Tuesday. A pedestrian 64, local resident, was hit by a minibus. He did not survive his injuries. The driver was arrested.

A bus from the CNT found burned 

In front of the police is a very strange case. A bus belonging to the National Transport Corporation (NTC) was found in flames at the station Ian Palach Curepipe, in the early hours Sunday. The vehicle registered 515 FB 95 will be reported stolen to the police station Souillac few hours later. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Souillac has jurisdiction over the matter. It was around 4 am the Information Room of the police receive a call. At the other end, a man says that a bus of the NTC is on fire on the bus station in Curepipe. The Regional Police is summoned to the scene and the fire was quickly extinguished. 

Curepipe Police discovered that the bus comes from the filing of the company in Souillac. Admittedly, the place is under surveillance, but access is free since there is no wall or door. The vigil, an inhabitant of Surinam aged 44, and the warehouse manager, a fifty-year resident in Chamouni, were invited to explain to the police station in Souillac. The charge relates that the bus driver had parked at the warehouse, Saturday at 15:15. The ignition key remained on the wheel of the vehicle parked, until another driver uses.