Alpina B4 Gran Coupe Now In Japan, Sold In Extremely Limited Numbers

il y a 9 mois - 26 Décembre 2022, motor1
Alpina B4 Gran Coupe Now In Japan, Sold In Extremely Limited Numbers
Not a lot of people will get to own one even if they have the money.

Alpina has already delivered its new B4 Gran Coupe this year, otherwise known as the unofficial BMW M4 Gran Coupe. For Japan, however, the model has just been announced – and not everyone with the intention and capacity to buy an Alpina will be able to drive home with one.

That's because Alpina importer Nicole Automobiles commissioned only four bespoke examples of the B4 Gran Coupe for the Japanese market. Each model has been specced with a specific set of 20-spoke wheels – a classic to the now BMW-owned Alpina brand. These rims complement the only two colors available for the Japanese market: Fire Orange and Frozen Black Metallic.

There are two examples of the Fire Orange B4 Gran Coupe. One comes with a set of gold Alpina Classic multi-spoke wheels and has the steering wheel on the left-hand side of the vehicle. The other is equipped with a black set of 20 inchers and is a typical right-hand-drive model.

The more subtle Frozen Black Metallic models come in a similar setup, though the black classic wheels are replaced with an anthracite set.

All four Alpina B4 Gran Coupe Japan-exclusive units have the same specifications, such as black Merino full leather upholstery, Velor floor and trunk mats, Alcantara-lined steering wheel, black wood trim, and a bevy of Alpina-branded elements.

Also common among all four high-powered models is the 3.0-liter straight-six engine that churns out 495 horsepower (364 kilowatts) and 538 pound-feet (729 Newton-meters) of torque. These numbers are routed to the wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. With these figures, the B4 Gran Coupe can sprint from a standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed is rated at 187 mph (301 km/h).

The four Alpina B4 Gran Coupe units are on display in various BMW and Alpina dealerships within the Land of the Rising Sun. With only four units on offer, Nicole Automobiles will be selecting the buyer through a lottery.