Automobile : Second Parade by Honda Car Lovers

il y a 9 ans, 10 mois - 29 Mars 2013, The Défi Media Group
Automobile : Second Parade by Honda Car Lovers
Notice to car lovers: a "Honda Road Trip March 2013" will be held Saturday, March 30. The motorcade organized by Honda Car Lovers (Mauritius) at Bagatelle start around 10: 30 pm to go to the south of the island.

They will all brands, all models and all colors. Car enthusiasts will impress at the "Honda Road Trip" on 30 March 2013.

This will be the second after the motorcade of "Honda Night Out" last February. The objective of this event will bring together all the car lovers. "Following the success of our first show, we decided to repeat the event. In addition, it is an opportunity to bring together all lovers of beautiful sedans and thereby promote the exchange of ideas, suggestions or even advice, "says Arshad Goodur, 25, organizer of the event. It is also the administrator of the virtual club, Honda Car Lovers (Mauritius).

The kickoff parade will be given around 10: 30 pm at Bagatelle Mall. The procession will head to La Prairie. It will pass through Grand Bassin, Bassin Blanc Chamouny, Chemin Grenier, Riambel, Rivière-des-rollers, Bel Ombre and Baie-du-Cap.

"It should be noted that this show will be open only to cars, regardless of the brand or whether they are modified or not. Two motorcyclists Traffic Branch accompany the procession, "says our interlocutor, himself the owner of a Honda DC5 Integra beautiful. Participants can bring flags, pennants and banners to accentuate even the mood of the procession. Music will also visit with DJ Manish Radio Plus.

Arriving in La Prairie is expected at around 13 h 30. There, the festive atmosphere continue. Indeed, a tent will be erected to accommodate members of the public and their families. Musical entertainment and a variety of activities are scheduled.

Namely, that "Honda Road Trip March 2013" is organized in collaboration with Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe (Dubai), Dala Performance Shop Pro Tuning Tuning BMT and Tyre Centre Cottage. Those wishing to participate or attend the parade organizer may call on 945 0459.

According to Arshad Goodur, Honda Car Lovers (Mauritius) is a virtual club. It was launched on Facebook a month ago. The goal is to bring car enthusiasts and create a platform for exchange. To date, this group has some 240 private members, including professionals from the automotive sector.