Caltex’s service stations became Engen’s

il y a 12 ans, 3 mois - 3 Février 2011
Caltex’s service stations became Engen’s
Caltex is gone since Feb. 1. The agreement between Chevron (Caltex) and South African oil company Engen has finally been realized.

Mauritius became the 21st country in the region where Engen, the leading African oil company has made acquisitions. The other countries included in this transaction with Chevron, who recalled, operates under the name of Caltex in some countries are Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi. The deal with the last two mentioned countries has already been signed.

At a press briefing this Wednesday, February 2, representatives of Engen Mauritius, through a video, presented the group and its vision, namely to position itself as the champion in Africa.

Since the signing of agreement in the amount that the new council does not wish to disclose for reasons of confidentiality, Engen became the new owner of 28 stations and trade relations, infrastructure sales of kerosene and lubricants Caltex.

In addition, staff will no longer have to report to the parent company abroad as it is the Kenyan Njoroje Joan becomes the CEO of Engen Mauritius and will be based in Port Louis.

"Mauritius is well positioned for business and here, the potential for development and growth is enormous, especially with the competent team that is in place,"she says.

In addition, she wants to reassure that all will be preserved:"The business and retail network continue to operate as a going concern. Staff and existing relationships will be retained and the supply of products and service will not be interrupted," she adds.

With the purchase of Chevron, Engen hopes to add 500 million liters of fuel on its market share and dominate the whole African continent by 2016.

On the other hand, the Finance Manager of Engen Mauritius Utesh Banydeen argued that Caltex has previously held 22% market share and now with the acquisition of Engen, they are 30% to be number one.

Engen was then given six months to redesign service stations, vehicles and other infrastructure that belonged previously to Caltex.

Engen is a South African company engaged in the marketing of petroleum products. 80% owned by the Malaysian giant Petronas and 20% by Worldwide African Investment Holding Co, Engen is a dominant operator in the field of oil on the South African market with a presence in 17 other African countries.