The gasoline is Rs 48.50 and diesel - Rs 39.90

il y a 12 ans, 4 mois - 23 Janvier 2011
The gasoline is Rs 48.50 and diesel - Rs 39.90
On Friday afternoon the rush was recorded at the gas stations. Drivers have come to fill up pending a possible rise in fuel prices. They were not wrong because the Petroleum Pricing Committee (PPC) approved on Friday night a petrol and diesel price increase.

Thus, at Friday midnight, a liter of gasoline increased from Rs 44.70 to Rs 48.50. A liter of diesel passes Rs 35.50 to Rs 39.90.

The latest increase in fuel prices was in October 2009 when the price had increased by Rs 2.05 per liter from Rs 42.65 to Rs 44.70. The price of diesel remained unchanged at Rs 35.50. From the official announcement of rising fuel prices, there was a noticeable unhappiness among drivers.

Raffick Bhahadoor, president of Union Taxi Proprietors (TPU), in a statement to the Le Matinal, said that this increase comes at a bad time, after the National Transport Authority (NTA) has revised upwards its all charges on drivers.

“This increase in fuel prices could have been avoided now, when we know that the people are undergoing a cascade of increases. TPU regrets this way the Government. It is an abuse of authority,” he said. At the stroke of 18 hours CPD began its meeting at the headquarters of the State Trading Corporation (STC). For more than two hours, committee members have reviewed the figures provided by STC to reach such a conclusion.