Classic Ford Bronco Converted To Electric Costs Almost $200,000

il y a 3 ans, 2 mois - 10 Mars 2020, InsideEVs
Classic Ford Bronco Converted To Electric Costs Almost $200,000
It’s a complete frame off restoration and re-engineering job though, so we wouldn't expect it to be cheap.

If you're into Ford Broncos, but don't necessarily like the idea of owning one of the classic models, then you're probably waiting for the all-new one to debut. However, you can have a classic Bronco that's been brought up to date and made electric; the only problem is you need at least $185,000 to get one.

It is the creation of Zero Labs Automotive from California and it's actually pretty cool. The company says this refreshed Bronco has been extensively re-engineered and it features some 1,000 new parts.

This Bronco is offered in two flavors: one with the standard factory steel body and another (more expensive) carbon fiber-bodied variant. The latter is said to have improved performance and increased range, since it weighs less than the steel equivalent.

It rides on a bespoke chassis (called the "2.0 electric chassis platform") that gives the Bronco four-corner independent suspension, as well as the ability to opt for a two-motor setup that gives it 600 horsepower.

Electricity is drawn from a 70 kWh battery pack which is supposed to grant the vehicle a maximum range of some 190 miles (305 km) on a single charge. The battery can be replenished via a Level 3 DC fast charger, but the rate of charging has not yet been revealed.

The plan is to build some 30 to 40 units, but with its high asking price, it will only really appeal to collectors.