Distribution of Driving Licence Counterpart: More than Two Weeks to Put in Order

il y a 9 ans, 10 mois - 6 Mars 2013, The Défi Media Group
Distribution of Driving Licence Counterpart:  More than Two Weeks to Put in Order
Distribution, in alphabetical order, of Counterpart Driving Licence in twenty-one police stations in Mauritius, Rodrigues and two ends on March 21.

So that, upon the entry into force of the penalty points system on April 1, 2013, drivers who do not hold DLC will be in violation of the law. However, after the implementation of this measure, the use of the Traffic Branch is also possible.

"Zero Point Zero Traka". This is the slogan used in the campaign in conjunction with the introduction of penalty points. This is to encourage motorists to avoid violations, and keep the meter penalty points to zero. However, after April 1, even if they have not committed any fault on the road, motorists who do not have big problems DLC have to be, because the absence of this document which is the allowed license will be considered an offense.

On Monday night, 267,045 holders of a license or a 'learner' had already taken steps to get their Driving Licence Counterpart. For people whose names begin with the letters A to M, the distribution was carried out from January 21 to February 25. Regarding the letters N to R, the distribution began on February 26 and ends March 7, whereas the letters S to Z, the distribution will be from March 8 to March 21, 2013.

For the proper functioning of the system of penalty points - especially to prevent motorists find themselves in embarrassing situations - the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transport invites those who are unable, for one reason or another, recover their DLC to date, to do so. The point is to go with the documents required in the distribution centers no later than March 21, 2013, for this precious document which will form part of the license.

In addition to those who could not get their DCL in time, there are also cases of licensed or 'learner' absent from the country during the period of distribution of DLC and will return after the entry into force of allowed points. Upon their return, these people can not drive or operate their motorcycles. They will go to the Traffic Branch, the Central Barracks for the formalities for obtaining their DLC.