DLC, Anil Bachoo: "Maybe a Second Extension. Nothing is Official”

il y a 9 ans, 10 mois - 29 Mars 2013, The Défi Media Group
DLC, Anil Bachoo: "Maybe a Second Extension. Nothing is Official”
387,000! This is the number of people who, at 28 March, regained their 'Counterpart Driving Licence' (DLC). The time to collect the precious document ended at 19 hours.

According to Inspector Rama of the Traffic Branch, 263 000 people have not taken their DLC. Anil Bachoo, Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, said no decision has been made on the entry into force of penalty points on April 1. "No decision has been made. I can not say official. Had to wait. Maybe it will be a second extension?"

About 650,000 Mauritians licensed driver and 'learner', only 387,000 have bothered to get their DLC. 263,000 people remains substandard. The DLC annexed to license, indicate the number of points is the driver with the introduction of penalty points. "They are 12,000 people rushed Thursday to get their DLC police stations. Across the island, people waited until the last minute to do. In some positions - Rose Hill and Quatre-Bornes - where people flock in large numbers, arrangements were made to distribute the DLC up to 20 h30, "said the inspector Rama.

Barney at La Tour Koenig

Twenty people is rush to the police station of La Tour Koenig, Thursday evening. Armed with their documents, permit holders lined up in a row, following the orders of the officers of the Traffic Branch. Shortly after 18:30, an officer came to tell them that the distribution will cease to 6:50.

18h45. An officer of the Traffic Branch request to those who wait, or go home, or go to the Rose Hill stations or Quatre-Bornes. About who did not fail to arouse their wrath. "Now we are told to go to Rose Hill and Quatre-Bornes. How to get there without bus? There are only a few people, let us go ..."

Plainclothes police were called to calm the situation. "It's all your fault. You wait the last minute to introduce yourself. We ask you to go somewhere else because we have close to 19 hours," stated their officers. Recalcitrants were ordered to vacate the premises, sheepishly.