Ducati Teams With Diesel to Produce Post-Apocalyptic Diavel

il y a 6 années, 7 mois - 10 Juillet 2017, RideApart
Ducati Teams With Diesel to Produce Post-Apocalyptic Diavel
Ducati celebrates US arrival of their latest collaborative effort, this time partnering up once again with Diesel Clothing to deliver the Diesel Diavel.

Ducati is celebrating the US arrival of its new limited edition Diesel Diavel by holding a private event at the Classic Car Club Manhattan in New York. The club had been dressed up to have an industrial vibe (like when the Diesel Diavel was first launched in Milan). As this was a combined effort with Diesel clothing, their new 'capsule collection' was also on display alongside the "devilishly stylish Diavel".

Renzo Rosso, president of OTB – the parent company that owns Diesel and a handful of fashion labels – has always been a two-wheeled enthusiast. In fact, he designed the beautiful Monster Diesel back in 2012. Six months ago, Renzo's son Andrea took the collaborative helm and designed the steam-punky post-apocalyptic Diesel Diavel.

Unveiled at Men's fashion week in Milan, the Diesel Diavel is unmistakably the most unique out of the Diavel lineup with its brushed steel bodywork, exposed welds, faux rivets, and stitched leather seat. The exhaust is coated with a black Zircotec coating which blends seamlessly with the rest of the industrial looking two-wheeler. while a bespoke LED taillight further separates this Diavel from the rest.

The Diesel Diavel has a limited production of just 666 units (I see what they did there. -Ed.). Like other limited edition Ducatis, the 'Diesel Diavel' comes with a plate engraved with serial/production number and both Ducati and Diesel's logos. The Diesel Diavel will MSRP at $25,795 and is currently on its way to Ducati dealers nationwide.