Family Wars: Lamborghini Urus Meets Aventador And Huracan In Drag Race

il y a 3 années, 1 mois - 3 Août 2020, motor1
Family Wars: Lamborghini Urus Meets Aventador And Huracan In Drag Race
Which bull wins in a straight-line race?

Lamborghini vehicles are powerful and fast cars – there's no doubt about that. Yes, they aren't the fastest or quickest these days but these Italian supercars still have the firepower to go up against newer rivals. Even the practical Urus SUV has enough grunt to actually win drag races.

But if you've been wondering which Lamborghini is the quickest and the fastest – not counting the Sian and Sian Roadster, of course – Carwow has pit three of the base Lamborghini nameplates against each other in a family wars drag race.

Let's lay down the number first. The biggest and heaviest of the bunch is the Urus, which weighs 4,850 pounds (2,200 kilograms). It has the smallest engine, though, albeit twin-turbocharged – a heavily reworked 4.0-liter V8 from Audi that makes 641 horsepower (478 kilowatts) and 627 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters) of torque.

The Aventador, on the other hand, has the biggest engine of the bunch. Behind the seats is a naturally-aspirated V12 and since this isn't any regular Aventador, an SV Roadster, it makes a total of 740 hp (552 kW) and 509 lb-ft (690 Nm) of twists. It's also a lot lighter than the Urus at 3,472 lbs (1,575 kg).

The Huracan Performante here may not be the most powerful but it certainly has an ace up in its sleeve. Weighing only 3,047 lbs (1,382 kg), this supercar is the lightest among the three Lamborghinis. It also has a powerful engine – a 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 that churns out 631 hp (471 kW) and 443 lb-ft (601 Nm) of pull.

With these numbers laid out, which bull do you think won this drag race? A bit of a spoiler: it's the one that launched better.