Kia Hilariously Compares 2019 Forte To Lamborghini Aventador

il y a 5 ans, 4 mois - 22 Janvier 2018, motor1
Kia Hilariously Compares 2019 Forte To Lamborghini Aventador
It almost makes us want to buy the Forte instead of an Aventador. Almost...

Remember when Skoda decided to pit the 280-hp Superb against a Ferrari 308 GTB? Kia has now taken a similar approach to demonstrate what's so great about the new 2019 Forte unveiled this week at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. The compact sedan took the V12-powered Lamborghini to the track, but not in the traditional sense.

While Skoda's video focused on performance, Kia's hilarious video is mainly about practicality. Apparently, there's a "feud" between the two cars that needs to be settled on a race track. Not only does it have double the amount of doors, but the Forte has normal doors that go out instead of up in the case of the Aventador. 1-0 for Kia.

While the Forte comes with an electrically operated trunk, in the back of the Lamborghini you'll only find a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter engine. The Aventador's frunk is about three times smaller than the Forte's trunk, so the latter is way better for longer journeys when you need to carry more cargo. 2-0 for Kia.

Once you're inside, the Forte has another ace up its sleeve as it comes with a touchscreen whereas its "rival" features a plethora of physical buttons to control the infotainment system. That's 3-0 for Kia.

Getting in and out of the sedan is way easier and there's room inside for five, three more than in the Aventador. Another point for Kia, so 4-0.

Kia is being honest by mentioning the "Lamborghini does go a little faster, if you know, you're into that whole speed thing." 4-1.

By far the biggest advantage the 2019 Forte has is represented by its way more attainable price tag as it costs approximately $400,000 less than the Lambo. This brings the final score to 5-1.

There you have it. The new Forte is better than an Aventador. Facts don't lie.