Figo wiil be shipped to 48 countries

il y a 12 années, 8 mois - 26 Janvier 2011
Figo wiil be shipped to 48 countries
Ford India has decided to export its really popular and successful model, the Figo to more than 48 countries that include car markets of Africa, Middle East and South America.

It was known about the export of the Figo to the Himalayan country Nepal following a high success in India. After the super-success of Figo, Ford has also beefed up its dealership across all the car-related circles of India to ensure Figo and other models from Ford reach its target audience without any delay.

In the same background, Ford India, the fully owned subsidiary of US based Ford Motors shipped more than 7000 cars in 2010 to South African auto market following a huge demand. Nepal also followed suit and next thing to take the course of its successful car, Ford is to expand Figo’s glory more than to 48 countries in 2011.

Some reliable sources from the company said that expanding the auto network to the European countries shall be the next big step of the carmaker.

It is worth to note that Ford Figo since it was launched has been a hot proposition to India customers. The car reached an amazing 60 000 sales mark in 150 days after its launch. 

The company is looking to improve its own records. Ford has decided to hold on various types of marketing and financial strategies to just double up the sales figure of Figo and touch the 100 000 mark. With other activities Ford has plans to be more reachable to the customers and also plans to roll out 8 new cars by 2015.