Free transport: More Stringent Controls

il y a 10 années, 11 mois - 31 Juillet 2013, Le Matinal
Free transport: More Stringent Controls
The government has indicated its intention to impose stricter control on perceived benefits that transport companies and individual bus operators for free transport. The objective is to take action against some of these providers who refuse to take on board the elderly, the disabled and students who often drop these non-paying passengers at bus stops.

Thus, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and domestic transport, it refers to the adjustment of allocations to bus operators. They currently receive between Rs 38,000 and Rs 43,000 per month for bus free transport concerned.

At the Government House, it was noted that "gaps" in the present system will be addressed through a revision of allowances to operators who refuse to follow government guidelines. Asked by The Sunday Early Bird, a senior at the Government House said it does not matter for the time of upward revision allowances to bus operators, especially that an increase in the price of a bus ticket about 12%, endorsed by the cabinet Friday, comes into force in the coming days.

GM wants to push operators to play the game
In the wake of the announced increase of bus fares, which take effect next month, the government has decided to tighten the screws regarding allowances to bus operators, transport companies included for the transport free.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and domestic transport, it was noted that now that the government has approved the increase of the bus ticket, it is for bus operators to ensure that the services provided to passengers are respected and enhanced. Moreover, the transfer of passengers from one bus to another will not be allowed, particularly where this is not related to technical problems.

In addition, bus schedules must be respected to the letter. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and domestic transport, we insist that the bus companies and individual operators have no excuse for not renewing their fleet and improve passenger comfort.

As the demand for bus operators to the authorities concerned to show intractable brown vans and taxis that operate on the routes served by the bus companies and individual operators, the ministry said that the police will intensify its efforts to prevent these vehicles to operate illegally.

Blue Line: free for seniors
The association Ram Sena decided in the coming days to send a letter to the Minister of Public Infrastructure and the Prime Minister to ask the elderly travel free on buses 'Blue Line'. This is the announcement by Ishwar Jugessur, president of Ram Sena, at a discount sweaters Sunday elderly in the region of La Marie Community center of the town.

Ishwar Jugessur said that the association is committed each year to provide warm clothing for our seniors. This voluntary action is repeated annually in a different locality. He also recalled that it was the 11th activity of the association since the beginning of this year and other volunteer activities are on the agenda, including a luncheon for the elderly and a medical check-up. He paid tribute to the elders talking about their contribution to the development of the country and stated that the elderly deserve special attention.

President Ram Sena has also criticized some people who are critical against the socio-cultural associations. He reported a poster campaign in his opinion, does not honor the country and induces population error. He further argued that the association would be more engaged in social action if it had the CSR funds.