Increase in Bus Fares: Taxi Drivers Express their Fears

il y a 10 années, 2 mois - 30 Juillet 2013,
Increase in Bus Fares: Taxi Drivers Express their Fears
Taxi owners fear the consequences of the increase in bus fares on their activities. They believe that the public will turn to more buses, vans and taxis chestnuts.

The increase in bus fares also wince taxi owners. This 12% increase is twice as Rafick Bahadoor, president of the Taxi Proprietors Association. He believes that Mauritians will be hit by an increase of 24% from 1 August, for the path to go and return. (Editor's note Rafick Bahadoor assumes his words after his own analysis). 

Rafick Bahadoor denounced the increase in the price of a bus ticket. According to him, it shows the incompetence of the Minister of Transport Anil Bachoo. "The rise of the ticket can not be explained, especially as it is not related with the wage increase for workers of the CNT. This is nonsense, "protested it. He argues that this will impact the taxi owners. "The public will turn to more buses, vans, and chestnut brown taxis. We will only crumbs.

I denounce this situation because the Minister of Transport gave a certain status to taxis and brown vans. While this practice is illegal, "said the president of the Taxi Proprietors Association to express. Anil Bachoo announced Friday, July 26, 2013, an increase of 12%.

This increase is inevitable given that the negotiations to give 19% wage increase for employees of the National Transport Corporation (NTC). But the unions or the General Workers Federation (GWF), which includes the Bus Industry Union of Workers (UBIW) had qualified ignoble this increase. Ashok Subron one of the leaders within the CNT denounced this fact. Because the government wants us to believe that the salary increase of the CNT is the consequence of the increase.