Honda presents Brio – the new supermini

il y a 12 ans, 1 mois - 10 Décembre 2010
Asia-only Brio could open a new chapter in more affordable Hondas
Asia-only Brio could open a new chapter in more affordable Hondas
The new Honda’s concept - Brio has been unveiled at the recent Thailand International Motor Expo in Bangkok as part of automaker’s “man maximum, machine minimum” statement – a model that designed for maximizing the space available for people and minimizing the space required for mechanical components.

Mass-production versions of the Brio intended for such markets as Thailand and India and will use resources that Honda has already established there through its motorcycle business to make the most out of locally-sourced components.

Having a sizes only 3 610 mm long, 1 680 mm wide and 1 475 mm tall, the Brio was developed with the view of easiness of use and manoeuvrability in urban areas. With price of the Thai version is above $13 000, the Brio’s stuffing is basic, but details such as air conditioning will be offered along with an automatic transmission and basic sound system.

Honda has not unveiled any details about the powerplant designed for the Brio, but its objective to reach fuel consumption around 5 litres/100 km – a figure that places the auto in the “eco-car” category in Thailand.

The manufacture of Brio will be launched on Asian markets in March 2011. According to the Honda there aren’t any plans to bring the Brio to the other, non Asian, markets.

It’s a rather strange, since similar Indian-built Ford Figo and its rival VW PoloVivo are enough successful at the South Africa market.