Honda S660 Neo Classic Racer concept leads Tokyo Auto Salon lineup

il y a 4 ans, 1 mois - 26 Décembre 2018, Autoblog
Honda S660 Neo Classic Racer concept leads Tokyo Auto Salon lineup
Some neat vans — and a Civic hatchback crossover, too

For this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, Honda is bringing a variety of design concepts, and far and away our favorite of the bunch is the S660 Neo Classic Racer you see above. We already loved the mid-engine, rear-drive S660 roadster in its stock form, but this concept puts it over the top. It builds off of the S660 Neo Classic body kit available to customers right now, which itself was based on a Tokyo Auto Salon concept. Additions include much wider fenders, aggressive front and rear spoilers, and little vintage touches such as the leather straps holding down the hood, covered headlights meant to evoke the taped-up lights of old race cars, and bullet-shaped fender mirrors.

Shifting from completely impractical to super functional, we have a couple of little vans. First we have the Honda Trip Van, which the company developed as a surf van. As such, it has handy roof racks, worry-free black plastic bumpers and rocker guards, and simple steel wheels. Inside, it channels vintage design with tan leather and light wood trim on the dash, doors and steering wheel. The other van is the Well Concept. Honda doesn't say much about it aside from it being a friendly family car that gets people excited to go places with it. They nailed the friendly look with the light blue paint and adorable round headlights.

Two cars are based on models we get in America, and the first we'll discuss sounds like it would be a hit here. It's the Honda Civic Versatilist, and it seems to follow the Subaru Crosstrek formula to a "T." Honda adds a bit of ground clearance along with body cladding to the Civic Hatchback to make it look more rugged and appeal to crossover buyers. Considering the aforementioned Crosstrek sells roughly twice as many units as the Impreza sedan and hatchback combined, Honda might want to consider putting this one into production. The other car is the Honda Fit Elegant Color Collection. It features a contrasting color roof and nifty wheels. Honda says it's aimed at women to be a special space just for them, but we think anyone could enjoy the neat color scheme, just as anyone could enjoy the Neo Classic Racer.