Land Rover Defender By Overfinch Is A Green Gem With Massive Engine

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Land Rover Defender By Overfinch Is A Green Gem With Massive Engine
The rear seats are gone. In their place, there's a teak cargo bed with a spare wheel holder.

There's a new generation of the Land Rover Defender getting headlines, but Overfinch continues to give attention to the original. The tuner's latest project is a one-off soft top pickup in a vivid shade of emerald green and a big engine under the hood.

Power receives a major upgrade from a General-Motors-sourced 6.2-liter V8. Overfinch doesn't outline the output, but these engines are famous for their easy tunability. The company also adds a stainless steel exhaust and carbon fiber engine cover. The output runs through an automatic gearbox and four-wheel-drive system.

While the vehicle is still capable of going off-road, Overfinch put a greater emphasis on luxury for this build. Using Defender 90 as the starting point, the company removed the second row's bench seat and replaced it with a teak cargo bed. For keeping things secure, there's a lockable storage box. A full-size spare tire has a special spot back there, too.

The occupants in front sit in Recaro sport seats that have emerald green and tan leather upholstery. The hides also cover the dashboard and steering wheel. The door handles, gearshift, handbrake, pedals, and instrument dials are chrome with a knurled finish.

Overfinch makes a few exterior tweaks, including fitting a custom hood with a sculpted power bulge. The company also fits a set of 18-inch wheels with green details that match the body's color. A removable soft top panel clips onto the roll bars to offer a little overhead protection.

A client commissioned Overfinch to build this vehicle. There's no info on its price, but with enough money, the company would surely create another if a buyer comes along.