License: the Traffic Branch Overcrowded

il y a 9 ans, 12 mois - 7 Février 2013,
License: the Traffic Branch Overcrowded
The Traffic Branch is besieged daily by crowds from across the country. These people could not get their Counterpart Driving Licence (DLC) when they went into one of 21 distribution centers.

The reason for this overflow: errors were detected on the license and the necessary corrections can be made as Barracks in Port Louis. However, the Traffic Branch was not prepared for this additional work.

"There are not enough police officers to deal with all these people," Thomas Desvaux loose "I've been waiting for the morning." This inhabitant of Rivière-du-Rempart lost his driver's license and must go to the central barracks to make a new application.

Krisnen Chenam himself has had to go to Casernes centrales to replace his license was damaged. This inhabitant of Moka despair of the slowness with which things happen. Like many people who are on site.

Barracks central state, they, have made special arrangements to handle the large number of applications. The police authorities have decided to offer a service every day and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the case of DLC. Which is a laborious, said Inspector Mohit Ramah, the Traffic Branch.

In addition, the inspector Ramah ensures that teams are mobilized to ensure the backup. He explains that the files are received at the counter and then processed by other officers at the rear.

In the case of errors permits, the solution can be found on site. But changes to licenses, such as the replacement of the maiden name of a married woman by that, take more time.