Mauritius Tuning Show

il y a 10 années, 10 mois - 20 Novembre 2012, The Défi Media Group
Mauritius Tuning Show
For the third consecutive year, Le held its "Mauritius Tuning Show." It was held from November 17 to 18 in the parking lot of Trianon Shopping Park.

Icing on the cake, a car "tuned" was given to an audience member after a draw.

The held the third edition of "Mauritius Tuning Show" to the delight of fans. "Every year, they are likely to attend the event, and as a thank you for their loyalty, we have involved a car 100% tuned," said Shakil Raman, director and organizer of The tuning show.

The goal of "Mauritius Tuning Show", he said, is to first create a platform for meetings between enthusiasts and professional tuning, both automotive and motorcycle. It is also a way to promote and enhance the professional and their work.

Technology and trend were to rendezvous. Like this Toyota Celia red / black (dating from 2001) including a motor original 1800 cc.

"Having acquired, I undertook all repairs. The wheels have been replaced by 17-inch cosmic, both doors, lambo door 'have been reworked to measure a dual exhaust was installed and all the gear system was revised so that the motor origin plays a not 6000 rpm, "says Vic, the owner of the vehicle.

A little further, we find Moneegan Hansen, DH Motorsport company, specializing in mechanical and modification of cars, especially those of the BMW brand.

"The price for a rim for cars of BMW varies from Rs 15,000 to Rs150, 000. We offer various wheel designs, sizes vary from 16 to 26 inches, "he said, adding that many people engage in modifications (tuning) of their cars.

Fifty exhibitors engaged in the sale of spare parts, tuning accessories, cleaners and deodorizers, sheet metal and automotive paint attended the "Mauritius Tuning Show." And this year, wheel effect "burnout" for motorcycle and automobile were offered at a promotional price.

Muhammed as Hossen Tamrez Zainub, Sporty Club Drive, certain professionals outlined the cars they themselves have changed.

The event, which brought together over a hundred car enthusiasts, closed Sunday.