Tuning day at University of Mauritius

il y a 12 ans, 2 mois - 11 Mars 2011, Le Matinal
Tuning day at University of Mauritius
par Le Matinal
Group of University of Mauritius (UOM) students organized a demonstration of auto tuning last Saturday, March 5 in Reduit.

14 second-year students of BSC Tourism and Leisure Management at the University of Mauritius (UOM) mange to find sponsors, run a budget for the organization and holding of an event and mobilize and lead a crowd of visitors in its entire splendour.

To achieve what was the program to their curriculum, the student group named "Events ERA" has chosen a tuning show to meet the expectations of their lecturer, Kiran Dookhony Ramphul.

Seegoolam Karuna, a student who is among organizers of the event, recalls that "after a search of ideas in common," the group moved toward a demonstration with the lure tuning. "It's a trend that young people like a lot," she emphasized.

Indeed, the movement to customize and modify a standard vehicle, passionate and interested in growing the youth of Mauritius since the release of the Hollywood movie Fast & Furious in 2001.

Having benefited from the provision of new parking gym UOM for the establishment of the show, the most important step for students on campus was to find sponsors to fund their ambitious project.

A dealer (Automaster), two reputable tuning shops (AutoStar, Concept Cars), and other partners responded to the call of the students. "AutoStar has offered its experience of tuning the UOM knowing that this phenomenon is growing in Mauritius. This is a first for us to have flooded the establishment of our vehicles. We hope that in future the tuning is part of university education with the support of government," said Zabee Korimbocus, Director of AutoStar.

"The result is beyond expectations. The students had taken many risks financially. They have done well," said the lecturer. It states have given the support necessary for students who aim to apply the theory and practice.

"We lived up to expectations. Personally I think we've reached our goal. Everything went well. I thank the sponsors, Mrs. Dookhony Ramphul and also our parents who have supported us," stated Karuna Seegoolam all pleased with the success of the tuning show.

It began with a parade of hundreds of cars that started the Plaza, Rose Hill, to the car park at the UOM Reduces through a stretch of highway.

Dressed in their finest cabinets, vehicles taking part in the show by tuning UOM drew the appreciative fans last Saturday in the parking lot of the gymnasium of the university. It was really be curious for visitors to see close family Toyota. Prenamed Corolla, Vitz, Glanz or Celica, these lovely ladies were in competition with rivals equally resplendent, in this case the sisters Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Nissan 350Z, Chrysler Crossfire, Audi, Honda Civic and Mazda 323 Other or mx5. It has taken two contests to decide the best cars. A jury played along with selection criteria for the engine, interior and exterior aesthetics of the vehicle and its sound. A panel of expert was part of the jury, including rally driver Robert Chung. These are Toyota Corollas that have won both competitions. Note that the first was held by the UOM while the second, reserved for the pros, was overseen by AutoStar and Concept Cars. Trophies memories offered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, were awarded the main prize winners and gifts given by sponsors.

Contest UOM

  1. Ziyaad Ghomoreea (Toyota Corolla)
  2. Jabe Muttur (Subaru Impreza)
  3. Rohan Kistoo (Peugeot 306)

Contest AutoStar/Concept Cars

  1. Fabrice Vincett (Toyota Corolla)
  2. Younousse Kataarou (Nissan 350z)
  3. Parvez Fare (Subaru Impreza)