The Tuning: "Craze"!

il y a 10 années, 6 mois - 29 Mars 2013, The Défi Media Group
The Tuning: "Craze"!
The tuning is becoming increasingly important in Mauritius. Many young people who invest a large sum of money in modifying their cars. For some, it comes to have a performance vehicle, while for others, it is the aesthetic prevails. Focus on this.

The tuning is attracting more and more Mauritians, and the number of "Tuning Shows" organized over the years is increasing. Zabeer Korimbocus is the Managing Director of Autostar, a company engaged in the tuning of cars of all kinds for over a decade. He noted that this phenomenon has been a while in Mauritius, but was not widely known.

"The longstanding tuning in Mauritius, but was dormant. However, in the past when talking about tuning, some people took it to the rally. Nowadays, it has evolved, and people understand that the tuning is not limited to Changing a vehicle to go faster, there is also the aesthetic, "he says.

Indeed, "tuner" his car can do a multitude of things on a vehicle. "We've had to completely change vehicles, in look as well as inside," said Zabeer. But there is not cars that are entitled to such treatment, and 4x4 SUV are also carried by this phenomenon.

Some people are real fans tuning, like Farad Aukin. For the latter, have a modified car gives it a special feeling. "I love cars, and tuning is a passion," he says. It is engaged in the tuning culture for several years and is also fond of competition.

However, to win competitions must sometimes spend big. "I have a Mitsubishi Evo VIII I bought Rs 1.5 million in 2009. Over the years, I change my car little by little, and the current rating is approximately Rs 1.5 million only for tuning. My car is now champion Maurice 400 meters, "says Farad.

Other tuning enthusiast, Ghirish Purgass, 20. He did not change his car ... his passion is translated differently, because to him, it modifies cars. "My cousin had bought a Subaru WRX STI simple, without any modification to the database. Subsequently, we worked on the car in his garage and have modified to make it unique. The goal was not to make the high-performance car, but rather to play on aesthetics, "says the resident of White Mountain.

Changes on the car, there was. From his twenties, he changed many things like seats and brakes, among others. Wishing to give the Subaru a special touch, he went even further. "For the bodykit of the car, we took three different kits and have blended into a single, which ultimately is unique," he says proudly. The car cost about Rs 500,000 and costs of modifications totaled up to Rs 800,000.

Large expenditures

Young people spend a lot of their cars. "Many young people ask quotes, and return at the end of the month and buy what they need. They do this for three to four months, until they reach their goals. Generally, they spend about Rs 5000 per month, but some may spend a lot of money, sometimes up to Rs 500,000, if they can afford it. It is especially sound systems that are popular right now, "says marketing manager Dala performance.

Tuning concerns both men and women. At age 26, is an avid Maëva Arnaud cars. She bought a Peugeot 206 to Rs 280,000 and gradually changes the look of the car. "I love the car altogether. I'm not tuning to compete, but for my own pleasure. When I can afford, I buy parts, usually on the Internet to improve my car. There are many interesting offers on the web, and if you look carefully, you can fall on some golden opportunities. I have a friend who knows about mechanics, and it installs for me, "said the resident of Grand Bay.

However, if a car is not tuned by someone who knows, it could be dangerous. "90% of accidents in which people are involved are caused by a problem with the brakes. If a motor is equipped with a powerful car, it must have adequate brakes, which some do not consider, "says Zabeer Korimbocus. -