New patrol boat for the Mauritius

il y a 11 ans, 7 mois - 10 Octobre 2011
New patrol boat for the Mauritius
The National Coast Guard (NCG) will have available a new patrol by 2013.

This was stated by the Foreign Minister Arvin Boolell, during a ceremony two spare engines at a cost of Rs 90 million for the CGS Guardian by the Indian government to the State of Mauritius, at the Quai A Friday.

The ship, the minister said, is currently under construction in Calcutta, India. "The Great Peninsula provides part funding for this vessel," he said. 

The minister stressed the need for an arsenal of high-level combat piracy in the Indian Ocean. "Piracy is increasing in the region. It is thus important that we came forward with the legal provisions necessary to deal with this situation, "he said. 

Arvin Boolell also dwelt on the relationship "historic" and "long" between Mauritius and India. He believes that cooperation between the two countries is expected to strengthen further. view shared by the Indian High Commissioner TP Seetharam. "Piracy is a concern in the Indian Ocean. Thus, we are willing to work together with the Mauritian government to allow it to find a solution to this problem," he said.