Nissan Isn't Afraid of a Pop Tart Cat for the GT-R

il y a 9 années, 2 mois - 9 Septembre 2014, Carbuzz
Nissan Pop Tart Cat for the GT-R
Nissan Pop Tart Cat for the GT-R
And sent a tweet to deadmau5 to prove it.

In a humorous turn of events regarding deadmau5 and his Ferrari 458 Italia saga that we reported on, Nissan has had something interesting to say. The company tweeted a special note to the Canadian producer/performer - "don't bother with those other guys, get yourself a GT-R and we'll do the wrapping for you." A lighthearted gesture considering that an outraged Ferrari involved its lawyers in an effort to halt deadmau5 and his "purrari" concept, sending him a cease and desist letter.

It was all in good fun and the wrap is already gone, with the 458 brought back to stock. But the Purr-GT-R, on the other hand, could be a nice way to strike back at the pretentious Italian automaker without having to deal with additional legal nonsense. Let the battle continue....