Nissan Rolls Versa Note Inside World's Largest Zorb

il y a 9 années, 1 mois - 28 Octobre 2014, Autoblog
Nissan Rolls Versa Note Inside World's Largest Zorb
With features like lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and moving object detection bundled into its Safety Shield suite, Nissan touts the Versa Note as among the safer vehicles on the road.

And to highlight that, the Japanese automaker has taken its diminutive hatchback Zorbing.

Zwhat now, you ask? Zorbing. It's a sport (really more of a recreational activity, if you ask us) that involves getting into a giant inflatable ball, rolling down a slope and, well... that's about the extent of it. It's the same thing we did on hills as kids, only with more plastic. And ridicule.

The CarZorb which Nissan had crafted for the Note measures 60 feet around and weighs a metric ton. Nissan tested the device, which took two months to make, at a "top secret military training facility in the UK," then placed the hatchback inside and rolled it down a hill, all for the sake of the two-minute video clip below. So we hope you enjoy.