One of the Largest and Most Glamorous Superyachts in Australia Goes Up for Auction

il y a 6 mois - 3 Décembre 2022, autoevolution
One of the Largest and Most Glamorous Superyachts in Australia Goes Up for Auction
It’s huge, it boasts an over-the-top Versace interior, and it’s called Mistress. This is the superyacht that is getting all the attention right now in Australia, as it’s about to be auctioned off this weekend.

One of the most anticipated yachts going up for auction at Lloyds this weekend happens to be one of the largest ones in Australia, a former “movie star” and a highly-extravagant floating mansion.

It was built back in 1990, but kept in great shape through several refits, including a recent one this year. Some of the most reputable names in the industry were involved in the creation of Mistress. Built by Benetti, it features a classic design by the famous Italian designer Stefano Natucci, and the prestigious French designer Zuretti.

At 151 feet (46 meters) Mistress is in the top 30% of yachts in the world, in terms of length, and also one of the largest in Australia. According to Lloyds, the vessel’s 16-knot (18 mph/29.6 kph) speed is also above the average for a yacht this size.

Admiring this pleasure craft’s minimalistic exterior, it’s hard to imagine the striking opulence onboard. The over-the-top decor bears the Versace signature, enhancing the palatial feel of this vessel. Despite its considerable age, the Mistress boasts all the luxuries of today’s superyachts, including a jacuzzi, sauna, gym, and several bar areas.

Six lavish staterooms are ready to welcome up to 11 guests. Both the main salon and the formal dining area are richly decorated, with plenty of mirrors, sophisticated lighting, and expensive furniture.

The upper deck sky lounge is another interesting area onboard. A glamourous bar is placed forward, while an elegant lounge area with an additional table for card games and drinks sits towards the aft.

Bidding for the extravagant Mistress started at just AUD $1 million, and has currently gone up to $3 million (USD $2 million). Someone willing to spend that money could end up with a luxury superyacht by tomorrow, just in time for Christmas.