The Penalty Points into Force on 1 April

il y a 10 ans, 1 mois - 20 Février 2013, Le Matinal
The Penalty Points into Force on 1 April
While the distribution of Counterpart Driving Licence (DLC) continues in the police stations of the country, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has set the date of April 1 for entry into force of penalty points.

Thus, motorists must necessarily have their licenses and existing DLC to circulate on our roads.

Under the Penalty Points System (PPS), the points awarded for an offense remain in force for a period of three years. Holder will permit "normal" and it is only committing offenses that points will be attributed. However, it should not exceed the limit of 15 points, otherwise the license will be canceled. Always on road safety, the installation of sixty 'speed cameras' in the country is also expected in the current year.

According to the PPS, the offenses are punished as follows: 8-10 points for dangerous driving, 8-10 points for manslaughter, injury and strokes, 6-8 points for speeding more than 50 km / h limit, 4-8 points for failing to stop at an accident, 4 to 6 points for speeding more than 25 km / h limit, 4-6 points for non-compliance with the priority crosswalk, 4-6 points for doubling a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing, 3-6 points for use of vehicle without lights prescribed, 3-6 points for unsecured cargo on the vehicle, 3-6 points for reckless driving 3 to 6 points for non-compliance lanes on Highway 3 to 6 points for failing to give way priority 2 to 4 points for speeding by less than 25 km / h limit, 2-4 points for use of mobile devices, 2 to 4 points for refusing to obey police instructions, 2-4 points for not wearing seat belts and driving and even for not wearing helmet 2 to 4 points for overtaking a vehicle on a blank line and 2 to 4 points for non-compliance with traffic signs.