Police Investigation: Recidivist Arrested for Stealing Toyota Vitz

il y a 9 ans, 9 mois - 31 Mai 2013, Le Mauricien
Police Investigation: Recidivist Arrested for Stealing Toyota Vitz
Imteaz Lallo, 34, is in police custody Wednesday following an investigation of a car theft. Raided his home at straws helped recover the stolen vehicle.

According to available information, the resident Perroquet 4, Morcellement Raffray, Pailles, was the subject of a warrant of arrest to the Palles police station. An operation mounted to 7 h 25 am at the home of Imteaz Lallo yesterday was to lead to the discovery of a master car, a Toyota Vitz  registered 1510 ZL 95. This vehicle light blue looked suspiciously like the recently stolen in the region.

In-depth analysis on the car should conclude that the handle of the front door had been forced open, the starter was broken while the sticker on the windshield of a vehicle that was the Mitsubishi brand. In light of these overwhelming indications that the suspect was held in police cells and was extensively interviewed by investigators.

Imteaz Lallo was eventually admit that it is a known Hossen who filed the vehicle to him for repair. He then placed the sticker on his car Toyota Vitz for use. The suspect remains in custody and will appear in court today for his provisional charge. Following the investigation would reveal that the Toyota Vitz was initially 826 ZV 06 license plate. The vehicle owner, a resident of Camp de Masque, had recorded a statement on May 20 at the police station reporting the theft of Flacq.