Road safety: gates till January the 5

il y a 12 ans, 3 mois - 23 Décembre 2010
The officers of the Special Mobile Force (SMF), in collaboration with colleagues of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU), Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) are carrying out safety measures intensification (“crackdown”) and setting up roadblocks (“roadblocks”) in order to remind people about the rules compliance and be watchful on the roads.

These operations are also intended to stop people breaking the law and to show that the police are omnipresent. These numbers of the police force will keep up these measures until the 5 January next year in the Western, Southern, Eastern and Central areas. In addition, a team of the Special Mobile Force is still on duty 24/7. A team is stationed at Vacoas and another in the south, near the airport.