An SA Bakkie Story: This Isuzu Covered 1.5-Million Kilometres

il y a 8 années, 2 mois - 14 Avril 2016, Wheels News
An SA Bakkie Story: This Isuzu Covered 1.5-Million Kilometres
Oudtshoorn resident, Gerhard du Toit, purchased his brother's Isuzu KB in 2003. By 2016, the tough bakkie has racked-up an incredible 1.5-million kilometres.

He said his brother first bought the bakkie, a demo model with only 7000km on the clock, in 1997.

Du Toit says that despite its age, he continues to use the venerable bakkie to run his courier business.

An SA bakkie story

Du Toit said: "When I decided to retire in 2003 I needed a reliable vehicle to start my courier business and I decided to buy my brother’s Isuzu."

"Despite the age of the bakkie it has helped me run a successful business for many, many years. I travel between Oudtshoorn and George twice every single day."

What's the secret to the bakkie's longevity?

Despite the dry, harsh conditions of the Karoo, Du Toit said the key to the longevity of his bakkie is to make sure that it is fully serviced every 10 000km and to maintain it with genuine parts.

Du Toit said: "I might not be able to take on the Dakar Rally but when I get into my Isuzu I have complete faith that it will take me where I need to be and back without any problems."

Boasting a full service history, Du Toit says his KB is still in excellent condition, running on all its original parts.

Would he trade-in for a new KB?

Du Toit said that he would not trade-in his Isuzu anytime soon.

He adds that he speaks "to his bakkie nicely every day" and that the pair has "a good understanding" and an agreement that their relationship will last for years to come.

The Isuzu KB is proudly built at General Motors South Africa’s plant in Port Elizabeth for almost 40 years.