This Silver Yamaha RD350 is a rare gem and it's still running

il y a 4 années, 11 mois - 8 Octobre 2018, IndianAutosBlog
This Silver Yamaha RD350 is a rare gem and it's still running
Avid motorcyclist Vishal Agarwal has a garage full of retro motorcycles.

Previously, Vishal had shared the details of a rare BSA Bond 50. Vishal owns 20 classic bikes, and his prized possessions include three Yamaha RD 350s, a Royal Enfield Silver Plus, a Royal Enfield Explorer and a 1977 Royal Enfield Bullet among others.

In this post, Vishal speaks about one of his three Yamaha RD350 motorcycles. This motorcycle is a gem as it is one of the few silver RD350s in India today.

Vishal's father purchased the RD350 in 1985 for INR 20,500 (Rs 9600) and was used by him until 2002. In 2007, Vishal restored the motorcycle to its glory and has been maintaining the machine ever since. He started the RD350 club in 2009.

Today, the group has 1,500+ members and over 1 lakh followers. Vishal's RD350 is in perfect running condition and he has ridden to places like Goa, Hampi, Chikmagalur and many others

The motorcycle is in stock condition although it has a luggage rack at the rear. It also uses a new pair of horns.

At the front, the RD350 employs a semi-fairing design with a tall windscreen. Given that Vishal uses the motorcycle for long rides, the semi-fairing design and the windscreen would provide cover from the windblasts, enhancing the comfort during highway runs.

The headlight is covered by the semi-fairing while a pair of blinkers, with orange covers, sit on the sides. The stock handlebar and the relatively forward set footpegs provide comfortable ergonomics. The saddle, too, is in the stock condition that retains the original look and charm of the motorcycle.

The RD350 continues to use original parts, and thus you would spot the conventional, telescopic forks at the front and twin-sided shock absorbers at the rear. Anchoring mechanism continues to use a drum brake on both ends. The twin sided exhaust outlets have been retained.

The engine, too, is in stock condition. So, Vishal's silver Yamaha RD350 continues to use the 347cc air-cooled, 2-stroke, parallel twin engine that is claimed to deliver 39hp of power at 7,500 rpm. The motorcycle is claimed to be able to achieve a top speed of 169 kmph.