Soon a flying car may be rolled out in India

il y a 12 ans, 3 mois - 17 Février 2011
Soon a flying car may be rolled out in India
Creativity does not know any borders! When enthusiasm and creativeness are working together, the result of the efforts is completely rewarding.


Continuing the tradition of inventing something exclusive, an Indian inventor Mr. A.K. Vishwanath has made a flying car using Maruti 800, one of the long-term manufactured cars in India, Bangalore.

Previously there had been many efforts to make a flying car. Some of the most recent examples of flying cars are Terrafugia Transition, Parajet Skycar, and Moller Skycar M400 and others.

If you look at the Vishwanath’s invention you can see that he have been inspired by the flying ability of bees. Based on his observations and calculation, a dedicated team of engineer is continuously working on the project to make it a commercial success.

The flying car has got rotor blade affixed on its roof. The car wheel arches has special extensions that are set to be used for creating vacuum.

The car was shown at Airo India, 2011 Bangalore and the most surprising part of its show was that it managed to grab more interests than some of the most sophisticated jets!

A.K. Vishwanath, 52 year-old, claims that his car can take lift off vertically from the ground and that it has been tested under extreme conditions in a wind tunnel as well. He has also registered around 40 patents for this unique car that may be commercially soon.