Women run over by own car – twice

il y a 12 ans, 6 mois - 29 Novembre 2010
Getting run over by your own car is bad enough but getting run over a second time - and by your own car?
It's what happend to a woman in Australia - here's how it went down...
The 37-year-old had pulled into the driveway of her Melbourne home and, in her haste, forgot to pull up the handbrake. The car rolled down the gradient, knocked her down and ran over her stomach and legs.
The vehicle continued down the incline of her driveway, up another inclined section, hit a fence, and rolled over her a second time.
According to The Age newspaper, paramedic Craig Brooks said the woman was "incredibly lucky" despite the unfortunate chain of events.
"She said she couldn't move after being crushed the first time. She definitely was fortunate that her injuries, whie serious, they could have been much worse," Brooks said.
The woman was admitted to hospital and is in a serious but stable condition.