Toyota Supra flashes LED headlamps under heavy camouflage

il y a 5 ans, 7 mois - 10 Août 2017, Autoblog
Toyota Supra flashes LED headlamps under heavy camouflage
The Toyota Supra prototype you see in the image gallery above looks just like the last one our spy photographers managed to snap during pre-production testing.

Except for the newfound non-obstruction of the headlamps, that is. As you can see, Toyota's upcoming sportscar looks to get a blocky set of LED lights, arranged in a two-by-six pattern, contained within a rounded rhombus, and underlined by a swoosh-shaped lightbar.

Those headlights form the upper flank of what appears to be a pointy proboscis of a nose. Below are two large air openings that we'd assume provides cooling air to turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engine options and their associated intercoolers. The base turbo four is rumored to put out 248 horsepower, while the uprated V6 spins out 335 ponies. We hope that means an even higher-output model is on the horizon, although it's too early to tell. 335 hp doesn't strike us as enough to make this a credible sportscar in this day and age.

Unfortunately, leaked documents seemingly kill off any notion of a manual transmission, leaving a BMW-sourced automatic as the only option for Toyota's rear-wheel-drive coupe. If these documents are correct, however, the BMW Z5 that shares its chassis with the Supra will indeed offer a six-speed shift-for-yourself box. Stay tuned for more on these BMW/Toyota twins – we expect a steady stream of spy shots, leaks, and teasers leading to their official reveal late in 2017.