Waterpark: Van of Discord

il y a 11 années, 5 mois - 27 Juin 2012, The Défi Media Group
Waterpark: Van of Discord
Termination of the contract of an individual who operates a van to transport employees Waterpark, is making waves. At issue: his alleged proximity with a high part of the Sugar Investment Trust (SIT), which is a subsidiary Waterpark. Decision was recently taken to complete this contract.

"I had to do. First, the van in question is a particular van. Then, should there be an accident, the insurance would reimburse nothing, "says Anand Subron, Chairman of Waterpark. Indeed, several employees had reported in the past, their disagreement over the allocation of the contract to that individual. They even seized the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC). 

This decision, however, caused an outcry. The owner of the van immediately served a notice Anand Subron to contest the termination of this contract. At the staff level, we speak of "pressure" for the individual to resume its activities. Besides being a close relative of a senior official of SIT, the owner of the van would be close to a minister. 

Subron Anand, for its part, the contract was terminated and said he does not count reconsider a decision for the benefit of employees Waterpark.