10 reportedly injured in crashes on the Nurburgring

5 years, 5 months ago - 15 August 2017, Autoblog
10 reportedly injured in crashes on the Nurburgring
Yesterday afternoon was a scary time at the Nürburgring. According to Motorsport.com, a slick spot on a section of the track led to multiple crashes.

The news site reports that 10 people were injured, six with minor injuries, and four with major ones. The section of track is called the "Fuchsrohre," which according to the poster of the YouTube clip above, translates to "Foxhole." And if you're familiar with the track either from actual driving or racing it in your favorite video game, you'll know that the section consists of a fast downhill straight into a mild, blind left corner up another straight. So cars will be moving quickly through the section, and they won't be able to see around the corner, making it a dangerous spot for a wreck.

Just as wrecks started happening, the person who posted the video above passed through, and caught the slick spot and the results on camera. As you can see, the slick spot seems to be just before the straight levels out and turns left. This is evident by the BMW Z4 that breaks loose near the end of the straight. The driver who posted the video also got caught by the spot, too, as you can see his Seat slide through the corner as he's slowing down. Fortunately for him, he's able to catch it and get through the mess without issue.

The Z4 driver didn't do as well, clipping the back of an Audi R8, and then hitting the guardrail. The Z4 then rolls back into the track, avoiding a green hatchback that had already wrecked.