2011 Save Fuel Challenge is launched by Shell

11 years, 11 months ago - 22 February 2011
2011 Save Fuel Challenge is launched by Shell
Shell has launched the Fuel Save Challenge which is part of the Maurice Ile Durable concept. The competition is planned to teach drivers to drive economically and to reduce fuel consumption of cars.

The Shell Fuel Save Challenge has become an annual meet of eco-friendly motorists. The 2011 edition will be on February 26. Fifteen participants will drive a set route using as little fuel as possible. Each driver will have to fill up the fuel tank of the car before and after the track under the control of an SGS company officer.

The difference will be determined according to the fuel consumption and distance travelled. This consumption will be compared to standard values for the type of vehicle. The difference with that value will determine the winner.

After a lot of research Shell developed a revolutionary additive in its laboratories and it allows drivers to cover more miles while consuming less fuel.

Eric Hufouye, retail manager of Shell Mauritius Limited, said, “We offer unleaded extra fuel and diesel extra to help our customers improve the energy efficiency of their vehicles and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

He added, “After the success of the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Fuel Save Challenge, we are confident that in 2011 many people will want to witness this performance.”

After the challenge, an award ceremony will be held to reward the winners from the petrol and diesel category. The winner will receive a fuel vouchers worth Rs 30,000 and runners-up will receive vouchers of Rs 10,000. This year’s finals will take place at Champ de Mars, Port Louis.