2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Gets A Ton Of Mods

2 years ago - 19 January 2021, motor1
2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Gets A Ton Of Mods
The ultimate Land Cruiser has arrived.

Welcome to the ultimate Land Cruiser build where the best off-roading mods come together to form an incredible truck. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a global icon for reliability and off-road capability but that doesn't mean you can't improve a stock truck. The Australia based team at Shannon's Engineering worked with a customer to build the ultimate 2020 Land Cruiser 70 Series.

In America, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a Luxury SUV that Toyota sells but never advertises making it a lesser-known SUV offering. In other parts of the world, however, Toyota doesn't just advertise the Land Cruiser but sells different versions that range from bare work trucks all the way up to luxury SUVs making them a versatile icon for all levels of income. Today we get to see a work-focused Land Cruiser that's been modified to take on the toughest terrain in Australia while doubling as a work truck.

The build started with a Land Cruiser 70 Series Double Cab Chassis. For there the team at Shannon's Engineering got to work adding a lifted suspension with upgraded shocks and firmer shocks to account for the heavy payloads without the risk of sagging. BFG KM3 off-road tires were added for improved off-road grip and wrap Procomp Trilogy off-road wheels.

Exterior armor from ARB was added alongside clever features like an integrated air compressor and onboard water tank. The rear tray is of the highest build quality and utilizes stainless steel in all aspects of construction. A host of LED lightbars were added for increased visibility at night and the added styling bonus.

If you're looking for one of the most capable Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series ever built, look no further. The team at Shannon's Engineering worked to ensure this is the best possible Land Cruiser that money can buy and I'm sure the customer will have a lifetime of fun behind the wheel.