Penalty Points: Police Officer Arrested

10 years ago - 15 May 2013, Le Matinal
Penalty Points: Police Officer Arrested
A police officer assigned to a police station in the South was pinned by the elements of the Independent Commission against Corruption during the weekend. He appeared in court Monday morning where a provisional charge of corruption was lodged against him.

According to Le Matinal cross, the officer involved in a traffic control operation set up Friday evening following the entry into force of the penalty points system.

It would have taken a ticket for speeding motorist. According to reports, the police have asked for a bribe of Rs 6000 wine that he cancels the minutes. Having no money on him, the driver handed him a sum of Rs 200 and promised him that he would give him the rest of the money later.

And it is accompanied by the officers of the anti-corruption commission he went to meet the police as agreed.

The officer, for his part, denied the allegations against him.