Angry husband fills wife's car with concrete

5 years, 11 months ago - 15 April 2017, Autoblog
Angry husband fills wife's car with concrete
We get a lot of mileage out of Russia stories around here. In a country as big and weird as Mother Russia – and there are few countries bigger or weirder, tovarisch, let me tell you – it's hard not to find some odd story to share.

Today's selection of Russian weirdness is no exception, and it really takes the blini.

According to The Mirror, an unnamed couple in St. Petersburg were going through a bad patch in their marriage. Not that uncommon, right? Well, problem is that missus first admitted that she'd been unfaithful, then went and changed her last name without warning. She didn't just change it to any old name, either. Oh no, she changed it to that of a local supermarket chain whose name, ironically enough, roughly translates to "loyal" in English. She did so because the chain promised 50,000 RUB ($889.96) to anyone who changed their name to the store's name.

This was the last straw for mister, who then concocted what he considered the best form of revenge in the situation. He hired a man with a cement mixing truck to fill his wife's beloved car up with concrete. On a sunny day, in a busy parking lot packed with onlookers, this guy backed a cement truck up to the car, put the chute through the open driver's window, and proceeded to fill it up to the gunwales with concrete. According to the Daily Mail, he decided on this particularly nasty little stunt because his wife loved and took meticulous care of her little red Chevy.

There's no word on missus' response, nor any reports on the divorce proceedings. Also, in all fairness, there's a certain fakey quality to this video that just screams "staged!", but man. This guy is serious about his revenge.