Beaux Songes link road ready by August

11 years, 11 months ago - 14 June 2011
Beaux Songes link road ready by August
The construction of the new Beaux Songes / Phoenix link road which started in January 2009 will be completed in two months.

According to a high ranked official of the Road Development Authority, 85 per cent of the construction works are completed and the rest will be finished in two months.

However, there was a slight delay caused by the process involved in the acquisition of land for the road extension.

The road will link Jumbo roundabout to the Sayed Hossen road will stretch to connect Sonia Lane a well as a segment of Solferino no. 5 since the residential street is narrow and will be able to accommodate to and fro traffic.

Pavements will be constructed on both sides of Sayed Hossen road and a 3.4-km road will be built to link Solferino and Pierrefonds. The government has invested Rs 280 million.