Caudan: 400 m to Port-Louis closed for five weeks

12 years ago - 7 June 2011
Caudan: 400 m to Port-Louis closed for five weeks
Given the work done at roundabout Caudan, the road to Port-Louis is closed for the next five weeks.

“About 400 meters from the road before the roundabout are inaccessible since Monday. Reduces Traffic leaving for Port Louis and will be patient, because deviations are introduced from the Royal College of Port Louis. They will pass through Les Salines, "said a senior officer of the Traffic Branch. Signs were also placed. Vehicles may continue their normal route toward the North.

The interchange to replace the roundabout Caudan gradually beginning to take shape. From information obtained from the Road Development Authority (RDA) that about 30% of work has already been made. Work began in December last year and will be completed by October. The construction will cost the government  Rs110 millions. The construction contract was awarded to General Construction.

The project objective is to facilitate access to the South and the North while decongestant that part of the road. Thus, motorists will not have to go through the roundabout Caudan. The interchange will be constructed above the roundabout.

According to the RDA, who left Port Louis in the direction of straw and vice versa will use the interchange. "There will be four lanes, two on each course. Motorists wishing to travel to Les Salines Caudan or use the road already exists.

A senior officer of the RDA has also indicated that the exchanger may have a minor effect on traffic around the Place d'Armes, Port Louis, where delays may occur. However, he indicated that with the proposed Harbour Bridge, this is no longer the case.