Biodiesel From Mauritian Sugar Cane

10 years ago - 23 January 2013, The Défi Media Group
Biodiesel From Mauritian Sugar Cane
Balance Bioenergy Production Ltd is a Mauritian company that plans to produce diesel from sugar cane. The process will be officially presented on Tuesday at a conference hosted by Dr. Christian Koch, German expert of this technology at the University of Mauritius, Reduit.

The species of cane sugar for the production of diesel is currently cultivated on a pilot basis at the Cottage. Then smallholders who abandon their land will be invited to turn towards the cultivation of cane for the production of diesel, according Balance Bioenergy Production Ltd, will be more profitable.

A production plant for tests requiring an investment of € 1.5 million due to open in St-Aubin in July 2013. This unit will have a production capacity of one million liters of diesel per year. If the tests are successful, a main plant out of the ground in Solitude. It should be operational by mid-2014 and will require an investment of 29 million euros. This unit will have a production capacity of 37 million liters. Balance Bioenergy Production Ltd. estimates that 3 kg of dry cane to produce one liter of diesel.

Renewable energy

The company has already approached the State Trading Corporation (STC) that it buys its production. However, before reaching the stage of marketing, tests must certify that the product meets the strict standards as well as the petroleum-based diesel. Production will be constant and sufficient. The main advantages of biodiesel is the cost savings on transportation and the use of renewable energy.

Note that the annual consumption of diesel in Mauritius is located between 275 000 and 300 000 tonnes, approximately 325 million and 355 million liters.

STC is regularly approached by companies that produce or plan to produce other biofuels such as bioethanol, among others. Balance Bioenergy Production Ltd will clearly demonstrate its ability to produce diesel with the highest standards in sufficient quantities and with good profitability that we spent a day at this biofuel.