Brabus Zero Emission Is a Timidly-Tuned Tesla

7 years, 4 months ago - 17 September 2015, Autoblog
Brabus Zero Emission Is a Timidly-Tuned Tesla
Can someone go check on the Brabus guys, please? First, they make only modest upgrades to the Mercedes-AMG GT and C63.

Then, when it came time to do up the G-Wagen – a vehicle that is to European tuners what a 1998 Honda Civic is to a 17-year-old kid – they added less than 80 horsepower. And now they've taken their hand to an electric car and done nothing to increase the performance. Seriously. We're getting concerned.

Joking aside, perhaps the reason the Brabus Zero Emission hasn't been upgraded over stock is because in its original form, it's a Tesla Model S P85D. Perhaps the German tuning firm figured "Ludicrous" mode and its 772 horsepower was good enough. Instead of upgrading performance, then, the Brabus has turned its eye towards aesthetics.

There's a new, wind-tunnel-developed body kit that adds aerodynamic aids in both the front and the back. There's a carbon-fiber splitter under the front bumper, while the stock rear bumper has been complemented with a new diffuser. A tiny lip spoiler, also made from carbon fiber, was been added to the rear deck. Finally, there are 21-inch "Monoblock Y 'Platinum Edition'" wheels, for that little extra something on the exterior.

Brabus has also addressed the interior, and it's there that we get just a hint of the tuning arm's usual insanity. On the Frankfurt show car, there's a mix of toffee-colored leather and suede, with electric blue piping that's matched to the matte exterior color. Of course, those aren't the only tweaks that can be made. According to Brabus, owners will have their choice of leather/Alcantara shades, as well as carbon-fiber or wood trim pieces. Essentially, the world is your oyster if you opt for the company's interior upgrade program.