Can A Tesla Model 3 Beat A Ford GT Supercar At Autocross?

2 years, 5 months ago - 18 August 2020, InsideEVs
Can A Tesla Model 3 Beat A Ford GT Supercar At Autocross?
Autocross favors agility and putting power down well, so the Model 3 may actually have a chance here.

If you look at a Ford GT and a Tesla Model 3 side by side, they really couldn't be more different. One is a low-slung, lightweight supercar with a force-fed V6 engine driving the rear wheels, while the other is a compact family sedan that runs on electrons with a performance twist.

Around a track, the Tesla would probably not stand a chance to be quicker than the Ford, but what about around a much tighter and twistier autocross course? Well, this video posted by DragTimes will answer this question that nobody really asked, although once we had seen the two cars head to head, we simply had to know the result.

Obviously, to even stand a chance against the mighty GT supercar, the Tesla Model 3 needs to be the most spritely one available, the Performance version, which can sprint to sixty in just over 3 seconds (a few tenths slower than the Ford).

The GT's best run was a 52.8 seconds, while the Model 3's best was 53.2 seconds, so not a whole lot in it at the end, especially since this was apparently an atypical autocross course where outright speed mattered more than it usually does around such courses.