Failures and other mechanical problems - the NTC breaks all records

11 years, 11 months ago - 22 June 2011
Failures and other mechanical problems - the NTC breaks all records
He describes the buses of the National Transport Company (NTC) of flying coffin. It does not go a day without a bus from falling down.Sadish Kokil-Kisto, a user of that company, has compiled a list.

Thursday, the young man sent a letter to Anil Bachoo ... In one week, three of the National Bus Transport Company (NTC) have failed. Friday, June 17, 2011, the driver of another bus, registered 1311 MY 03, was struggling at the gas pedal in the region of Vacoas. According Sadish Kokil-Kisto, who lives in Little River, buses of the NT? record-breaking failure or other mechanical problems. In a letter sent to Anil Bachoo, Thursday, Sadish Kokil-Kisto are dissatisfied with the response Mr. Dajee, the Depot Manager, by the waves of "K Xplik or" the same day. 

According Sadish Kokil-Kisto, the reality is quite different in the field. In his letter to the Minister of Transport, Sadish Kokil-Kisto denounced the incompetence of the leadership of the NTC, accusing them of mismanagement. 

The buses serving the route 242 Petite-Rivière at Floreal often breaks down. And buses that do not meet the timetable, are poorly maintained. If this is not a deafening noise that inconvenient, it is often the recipient's cavalier attitude that annoys. "In times of rain, the users are soaked. Often the unit size-ticket does not work and users are forced to get off the bus, the time that the company dispatch another bus, "it said in the letter. In the winter, he says, the bus line serving that leaves the station 15 minutes earlier. 

A letter to that effect was sent to the National Transport Authority, but without success. While the direction of the NTC has changed, no one has thought it useful to make this correction on the website of the Ministry of Transport. In 2011, the name of Rajen Daliah is still there as general manager of the corporation, when we know that this position is occupied by Robin Soonarane.